Thank You for Visiting Marough Gardner's Webpage

Dear Friends,

As most of you know Marough Gardner, now a 5 year old student at North Asheville Preschool, is battling a form of childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. Exactly 2 years ago, Marough was diagnosed just after his 3rd birthday, and since then he has gone through an incredulous amount of treatment including chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, radiation and immunotherapy (part of a study designed to attack returning neuroblastoma cells).

In February of this year, all of his treatments were complete and life was basically a "waiting game" to see what would happen next. Ideally, Marough was finished with treatment and life could become "normal" again. Fortunately that was the case through the summer! Marough's port was removed and the Gardners were able to have an amazing summer full of regular activites like going to the beach and pool and simply just being.

A scan in August showed some questionable areas and TJ and Cori decided to get a 2nd opinion at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). In October, the head of Neurolastoma at CHOP confirmed that the cancer had returned and needed to be addressed right away. Marough has now joined a research study testing out new forms of chemo and how they attack and fight neuroblastoma. At this time, Marough and one of his parents have to travel to CHOP every week for treatment or DR visits and checkups. Cori will soon begin to update this blog so that we can all follow our Little Iron Man's progress!

If you are interested in helping out with meals for the family you can sign up at the webpage listed below.

If you have any other ideas as to how we can support the Gardner's at this time, please let us know by emailing